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Space Now Mobile Aisle Filing Systems

Click here for DuoGlider and TrioGlider Lateral Mobile Shelving

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Standard Deck and Track

Adjustable Shelving

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SpaceNow! puts your files and stored material on rolling carriages and tracks. Simply roll a unit aside to open an aisle in front of any shelf. It's a compact, efficient System that will double your storage space. If you now file into drawers it will increase your capacity by four times or more!

When you order a SpaceNow! Mobile System of any size, here's what you get.  A low-profile platform, 1 3/4" high, with rails recessed flush in the vinyl-covered, non-skid surface; sloped front ramp and trim of extruded, anodized aluminum; built in leveling system. A SpaceNow! System is not anchored to the floor and may be placed on any floor surface including carpeting. Rolling carriages constructed of heavy-gauge steel, heavy enough to have the highest weight carrying capacity of any system now available for office use. Premium grade adjustable shelving designed specifically for filing or for storage; each comes in many choices of width, depth and height. Mechanical assist drives are standard on all systems, allow you to move thousands of pounds with finger-tip ease. The mechanism is safely enclosed in its own slim case or hidden completely within the optional deluxe End Panel.

Here are some places you can find SpaceNow! systems:

Hospitals Property Rooms Sterile Storage Legal Records
Schools Police Evidence Rooms Parts Storage Libraries
Universities Insurance Companies Tool Cribs Accounting Offices
Golf Clubs Government Agencies Pharmaceuticals Food Service
Retail Stores Central Files Linens Merchandise Display
Factory Floors Records Centers Layaway Rooms Doctors Offices
Stockrooms Law Firms Bank Vaults Dentists Offices

For the Technically curious, we have provided this rail and deck diagram to show how the System is constructed and some of its features. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the technical aspects of the SpaceNow! System and to explain in more detail how these features benefit you. Just give us a call and talk to one of our customer representatives.

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DuoGlider and TrioGlider Lateral Mobile Shelving

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The idea is simple, a stationary row of shelving with a movable row in front. It can double your filing and storage capacity in the same space! The movable shelving glides easily from side to side to give complete and immediate access to any shelf. And TrioGlider gives you even more capacity with two mobile rows of shelving.

DuoGlider and TrioGlider systems come in a wide choice of sizes and shelving types designed to fit your space and your needs.Ideal for filing medical records, letter-size documents, legal files, X-rays, and other media types. Ideal for storing office and medical supplies, automotive and industrial parts, retail stock, samples, books, archives, etc. Choose between 4-post shelving or stackable shelving.


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