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Printer Friendly Instructions For Designing a Custom Cabinet

Step 1) Choose a cabinet size. (see step 1) "In To Custom Configure a Cabinet"


Step 2) Choose the drawers you want to fill the cabinet.  Note that the total height of the drawers must equal the total height   of the cabinet. Here's how to do it:
Step 2A) Say the cabinet you pick is Model Number 240-680. The "680" in the cabinet model number is the total height sum that you need to fill with your selection of drawers.


Step 2B) For instance: You may just want all 240-40 drawers. The "40" in the drawer model number is the key. Watck this: 17 drawers multiplied by "40" equals "680" (17 x 40 = 680) Simple enough? You can put seventeen 240-40 drawers into a 240-680 cabinet because the drawers used to fill the cabinet added up to the cabinet height. You can use different sized drawers, lets say six "100" drawers plus one "80' drawer to reach "680". Any combination of drawers is fine as long as they add up to the cabinets height. Easy Right?

Note: There's a size chart for all available drawers in (Step 2) of "To Custom configure a Cabinet"


Step 3) Locks are easy. Every cabinet is outfitted with a high quality lock. For more information than you will probably ever need on locks, refer to (Step 3) in "To Custom Configure a Cabinet"


Step 4) Choose drawer dividers, if you wish. There's a dividers chart in (Step 4) of "To Custom Configure a Cabinet"


Step 5) Pick a color. see (Step 5) of "To Custom Configure a Cabinet" Keep in mind that the drawers can be two different colors.