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5 Steps to Custom Configure a Cabinet

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Select cabinet size Drawer Selection Choosing a lock Drawer Layout Color

Step 5: Select a color

Seven standard colors offer the potential for as many as 49 cabinet and drawer color combinations. To specify color(s) for Platinum Series Modular Drawer Cabinets TWO PREFIX LETTERS must be added to the catalog number of each cabinet. The FIRST LETTER defines the color of the cabinet shell, while the SECOND LETTER defines the color of the drawers within the cabinet. BP 240-680 for example, designates a Wedge-wood Blue cabinet with Putty Drawers. Use the chart below to select your color pattern.

ccgray.JPG (693 bytes) ccputty.JPG (694 bytes) ccash.JPG (694 bytes) ccblack.JPG (693 bytes)
Dove Gray Putty Ash Black


ccblue.JPG (695 bytes) ccred.JPG (696 bytes) ccgreen.JPG (694 bytes)
Wedge-wood Blue Cardinal Red Forest Green