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GL300E, GL480E, GL600E

2432 Cabinets


  Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co.   provides a full range of standard rack mount cabinet enclosures for housing telecommunication equipment, computer control rooms, LAN equipment and other sensitive electronic hardware. The solid metal frame construction and modular concept of our rack mount enclosures allows for various equipment configurations. Rack mount cabinets reduce floor space requirements, secure and protect hardware and offer solutions to equipment housing needs. Standard Data cabinets are pre-assembled to your equipment configuration saving valuable installation time. Standard rack mount cabinet enclosures range from 24" to 84" in vertical height and depths from 10" to 36". Our product offering includes open bay relay racks, wall mount distribution / utility enclosures and a variety of solutions for your network installation requirements. We can address your industrial, commercial and even traditional office network application using various 19", 23", and 24" rack mount widths. Additionally, a full complement of data cabinet accessories is offered, including stationary and sliding shelves, drawers, power outlet strips, cable management systems, and cooling devices such as fan assemblies and blower units. With the previously mentioned options, customers can design their rack mount and file server enclosures to suit specific installation needs. Standard products are in stock for and available for immediate shipping. When it's delivery that really counts, we can provide the fit, the quality and service you deserve on time. Accept nothing less than the quality service of All Storage Systems, and Great Lakes.


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