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Wall Mount Swing-out Enclosures

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STOCK COLORS: Nitro Blue, White and Black

(Other colors available)

Wall Mount/Swingout Cabinets provide 19" rack mounting in a heavy-duty distribution enclosure. A simple finger pull/latch mechanism located inside the cabinet opens the 18.375" deep center swing section. The center swingout feature provides outstanding front and rear access to cables and equipment.

The reversible cabinet mounting design makes left or right-hand swingout possible. This is convenient when conserving valuable wall space. Also, knockouts sized for 1", 2", 3" and 4" conduit and fittings are located top, bottom and rear for easy wiring, installation and maintenance.

Remote installation of equipment before wiring is possible with a set of optional casters. Optional casters increase the weight capacity and stability of the enclosure.

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The weight capacity will depend on the size of the enclosure, method of mounting and type of wall construction if wall mounted.

Note: Standard unit is configured with a solid door and side panels. Total width and depth including hinges is 24.875" W and 24.688" D. Casters add 3.625" to the total height. Two pairs of 19" EIA rails are provided with each enclosure.





Dimensions: 24" H, 24" W, 24" D Weight capacity: 125 lbs.* Rack spaces: 11U Shipping Weight: 125 lbs.


Dimensions: 36" H, 24" W, 24" D Weight capacity: 150 lbs.* Rack spaces: 18U Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.  


Dimensions: 48" H, 24" W, 24" D Weight capacity: 200 lbs.* Rack spaces: 25U Shipping Weight: 200 lbs.


Dimensions: 72" H, 24" W, 24" D Weight capacity: 275 lbs.* Rack spaces: 38U Shipping Weight: 275 lbs.

  *Weight capacities are listed for Wall Mounting only.
  Note: Up to 850 lb. weight capacity is possible using a combination of wall mounting and casters


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WALL MOUNT/SWINGOUT Optional Equipment

24WS-02    Plexiglas door with lock
36WS-02    Plexiglas door with lock
48WS-02    Plexiglas door with lock
72WS-02    Plexiglas door with lock
24WS-11    Vented Side Panels one pair
36WS-11    Vented Side Panels one pair
48WS-11    Vented Side Panels one pair
72WS-11    Vented Side Panels one pair
7206-FM     Front Mount - 18" depth
7206-EIA    EIA Spacing - 18" depth
7206-SL        Sliding - 18" depth
7213             Dual packaged blower unit (5.25" Height) (19" Rackmount - 290CFM)
7217WS       Fan assembly (2 fans with guards - 75CFM per fan)
7217FT         Fan tray with three 75CFM fans (19" rackmount)
7219             6 position power strip with circuit breaker & 12ft. cord (19" rack mounted)
7219-S          6 position power strip with circuit breaker and surge suppressor (19" rack mounted)
WS-22          66/110 Block Mounting Panel
WS24-EIA   EIA Channels for GL24WS or GL48WS
WS36-EIA   EIA Channels for GL36WS or GL72WS
WS-110       110 degree gravity door stop
WS-111       Hinged Cable Bridge
7208WS     Casters - (3) locking and (3) nonlocking (H=3.625")
7208WS-ALL Casters - (6) locking (H=3.625")
CBB19       Copper Bussbar 19" rack mounted (isolated)