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LD Wall Mount / Swing-out Enclosures

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STOCK COLORS: Black (Other colors available)

LD Wall Mount/Swingout Cabinets provide 19" rack mounting in a distribution enclosure. A simple finger push-pull" type catch located inside the cabinet opens the 18.00" deep center swing section. The center swingout feature provides outstanding front and rear access to cables and equipment.

The reversible cabinet mounting design makes left or right-hand swingout possible. This is convenient when conserving valuable wall space. Also, knockouts sized for 1", 2", and 3" conduit and fittings are located top, bottom and rear for easy wiring, installation and maintenance.

Front and rear section lock independently for

added security.

Note: GL24WM, GL36WM and GL48WM are configured with a plexiglas door and vented sides. Two pairs of 12-24 tapped 19" EIA rails are provided with each enclosure.

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GL24WM Dimensions: 24" H, 21.25" W, 24.50" D Weight capacity: 50 lbs. Rack spaces: 12U Shipping Weight: 95 lbs.
GL24WMS  Same as GL24WM except solid door
GL36WM Dimensions: 36" H, 21.25" W, 24.50" D Weight capacity: 75 lbs. Rack spaces: 19U Shipping Weight: 125 lbs.
GL36WMS Same as GL36WM except solid door
GL48WM Dimensions: 48" H, 21.25" W, 24.50" D Weight capacity: 120 lbs. Rack spaces: 25U Shipping Weight: 160 lbs.
GL48WMS Same as GL48WM except solid door
7206-FM   Front Mount - 18" depth
7206-EIA   EIA Spacing - 18" depth
7206-SL Sliding - 18" depth
7217WS   Fan assembly (2 fans with guards - 75CFM per fan)
7219 6 position power strip with circuit breaker & 12ft. cord (19" rack mounted)
7219-S 6 position power strip with circuit breaker and surge suppressor (19" rack mounted)
CBB19   Copper bussbar 19" rack mounted (isolated)