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Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions

    Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions are perfect for most Tool Room, Stock Rooms, Departmental Divisions and other restricted areas. Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions can also be custom made to order by our design engineers to fit any situation.


     Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions non-bearing panels are North American standard size, and are built rugged to withstand tough punishment. Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions panels are interchangeable and can be rapidly adapted to any need. Our Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions  allow for maximum air circulation. Diffuses lighting for better illumination and won't obstruct fire hose stream.


    Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions are the ideal solution for any secure environment. Panels, doors, and service windows can be arranged in any combination. They are attractive, economical, quick to install, and permit expansion at any time.


To request a price quotation: Provide length and height of partition walls, door dimensions, and specify if a top is required. Sample sections are available upon request.


Security Cage Wire Mesh Partitions are easy to install. No fabrication is necessary.  Simply bolt the Security Cages Wire Mesh Partitions panels together and anchor to the floor.


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Security Cage Frame:  1 1/4"  x  1 1/4"  x  12 gauge angle reinforced mild steel.
Security Cage Stiffener:  2 units 3/4"  x  1/8" Flats
Security Cage Mesh:  2"  x  2"  x  10 gauge Welded or Woven Wire
Security Cage Posts:  2"  x  2", 16 gauge tubing
Security Cage Gates:  Sliding or Hinged Door
Floor Clearance:  3"  or as specified.
Security Cage Finish:  Grey Powder Coat Paint

Standard Cage Heights:

 8', 10', 12' and up to 24' tall


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